What is helm ?

Source: https://banzaicloud.com/
  • Helm: A command-line interface (CLI) that installs charts into Kubernetes, creating a release for each installation.
  • Chart: An application package that contains templates for a set of resources that are necessary to run the application. A template uses variables that are substituted with values when the manifest is created. The chart includes a values file that describes how to configure the resources.
  • Repository: Storage for Helm charts.
  • Release: An instance of a chart that is running in a Kubernetes cluster. You can install the same chart multiple times to create multiple releases.
helm repo add bitnami https://charts.bitnami.com/bitnami
helm install nginx-release bitnami/nginx
helm install nginx-release --set imagePullPolicy=Always bitnami/nginx
helm install nginx-release -f values.yaml bitnami/nginx
  1. Use — dry-run flag
helm install nginx-release bitnami/nginx --dry-run
helm list 
helm uninstall nginx-release




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